Patient Center: Virtual Journey


What to expect when you visit All Pro Health

Step One

History & Examination

Our first visit is used to diagnose why you came to us. We ask you questions regarding your past medical history, activity levels, and treatment goals.

Step Two

Step Three


We believe in soft tissue work to obtain symmetry of your musculoskeletal system by using instruments to help release any adhesions or scar tissue.

Step Four

Empowering Our Patients

We also believe in active alignment at APH. We teach you movements and exercises that align to align your spine and extremities. Self-empowering your journey to wellness.

Step Five

Align & Check:

Dr. Todd has you back in the exam room and rechecks your movements. f your joints are still locked up, it is time to add in passive alignment. 

Step Six

Relax & Recovery

Welcome to the Recovery Room at APH. We are always looking for new technology and treatment advances to help our patients recover as quickly as possible. 

Step Seven

Everyday Work

Brush your Musculoskeletal System: Putting It All Together
– Everyday Work

We teach correct posture for everyday life. Awareness of proper posture and movement are the base building blocks for our practice philosophy.