Chiropractic Care At APH

Chiropractic Care at All-Pro Health, our Chiropractor (Dr. Todd) uses various manual treatment techniques to treat his patients. Unlike most chiropractors who are quick to manipulate, our chiropractor’s initial course of treatment is to use Graston Technique and Active Release Technique to address the soft tissue dysfunction that is causing pain or limitation.

Physical Therapy At APH

Physical Therapy at All-ProHealth focuses on one on one care! We know pain will make the body compensate in many ways. Therefore our PT is meticulous about the way you do your exercises! Never turning their back on you while you exercise & attempt to correct a dysfunctional painful pattern on your own. Our rehabilitation plans are FUNCTIONAL, PRECISE & SIMPLE to follow.

Acupuncture At APH

Acupuncture at All-Prohealth is an integration of Eastern & Western philosophies. At APH our Acupuncturist is focused on the benefits of drug free musculoskeletal treatments. Some of the techniques used by our Licensed Acupuncturist are: Cupping, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Acupuncture with electrical stimulation, Acupuncture with heat and Moxibustion.


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