Dear Dr. Todd and the staff at All Pro Health,

Thank you for all of your expertise in treating me as I trained for my first Ironman! Everyone always asks me if I had any injuries from training, and I tell them “NO! But only because I saw Dr. Todd every week!” I truly believe my body would not have been able to endure the 7 months of training and racing I did without my weekly appointments with you.

Whenever I was hurting after a workout, I couldn’t WAIT to get into your office. My IT BAnd would be screaming “I need Dr. Todd!” I really appreciated all the individualized attention and all the time you took to work with me. Before my race my family collected letters of inspiration from everyone and in your letter you told me “Pain is temporary, Ironman is forever.” I wrote that quote on a little piece of paper and taped it to my bike and looked at it when I needed some motivation to keep going and stay positive.

You helped me both physically and mentally to cross the finish line of my first Ironman and experience the best day of my life!


P.S. Love the nickname you gave me!