I began treatment at All Pro-Health in February 2013 while training for my first half Ironman triathlon in June. My workouts were being hampered due to persistent right upper hamstring pain for the past year. There were times that I couldn’t run, and even going from seated to standing position caused debilitating discomfort. Traditional treatments of rest, physical therapy, and NSAID usage all failed to make my leg pain free. I was discouraged.

Within two weeks under the care of Dr. Schragen, I has a significant decrease in pain. The Graston Technique and Active Release Therapy (ART) were employed and they worked! The best part of being treated with these modalities was that I continue training for my triathlon. My leg continued to improve and I was even able to run a half marathon only five weeks after initiating care with Dr. Schragen.

While my hamstring pain resolved, unfortunately in early April I sustained a stress fracture in my lower left tibia from running. Walking caused intense pain and running was impossible. I Thought my dream of committing the half Ironman was dashed. Dr. Schragen remained positive and treated my tibia with laser and other strategies. Dur yo his care, I became stable enough to swim and bike and keep up my fitness level.

In June I was able to fulfill my goal of completing my first half Ironman. The treatment I received at All Pro-Health was a major influence in helping me reach this accomplishment. I am grateful of the individualized care and ongoing support for  Dr. Schragen and all of the staff at All Pro-Health.