Why is Dr. Todd so passionate about the Functional Movement Screen for young athletes that he's offering complimentary screenings for two whole months?


Two words: Personal. Experience.


Here's Dr. Todd in his own words:

"I personally have permanent injuries to my back that were sustained from poor technique and guidance as a student athlete. This led to multiple disc herniations in my lumbar spine in my late 30s. If FMS was introduced to me as a young athlete, I would have been a much more efficient athlete and may have never experienced the debilitating injury to my back.


In 2010, I hired a Physical Therapist who introduced me to FMS. I was tested and failed miserably, barely getting through the test because of pain and weakness. That was when I realized that traditional rehabilitation treatment was missing something. It was only treating patient symptoms and not the cause of their actual problem. At APH, as we started to take a more global approach to treatment plans, things began to change and patients were getting better more quickly and permanently instead of just feeling better for a brief period. After seeing these results, our patients began to bring in their family members and children. What stood out to us the most is that the KIDS HAD THE SAME ISSUES AS THEIR PARENTS! We began working with kids as young as 6, teaching them how to move correctly. The postural issues were unbelievable! We saw dysfunctional movement patterns in almost every child we saw. These issues are basic and simple to correct before the abnormal movement becomes a significant injury that could impact and limit them from performing their sport.


I truly believe if I knew my risks for injuries at an early age, how to prevent them, and how to maintain my body, I would have been a better athlete as a child as well as an adult with less permanent injuries now."


Dr. Todd Schragen
D.C., C.C.S.P., ART


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