Chiropractic Care at All-Pro Health, our Chiropractor (Dr. Todd) uses various manual treatment techniques to treat his patients. Unlike most chiropractors who are quick to manipulate, our chiropractor’s initial course of treatment is to use Graston Technique and Active Release Technique to address the soft tissue dysfunction that is causing pain or limitation.
Chiropractic care at All-ProHealth focuses on symmetry, biomechanics & posture. Our Chiropractors initial assessment consists of an active & passive biomechanical movement assessment. This and our Doctor of Chiropractics knowledge of the bodies response to injury allow us to treat the pain and most important the cause of the injury. Our chiropractor uses the most gentle forms of manipulation needed for each precision adjustment.
At All-ProHealth we use various assessment tools. Some are the SFMA and the Functional Movement Screen. These screens help direct our treatment and provide resolution of the underlying problem that caused the injury.
At All-ProHealth our Doctors use Graston Instruments along with Active Release Techniques to address the soft tissue injury and dysfunction. Game ready, ml830 Cold Laser, Normatec, & Functional taping all aid in the most thorough and speedy recovery possible!
The Integration of care at All-ProHealth is paramount to the amazing success rate of our patients. See what our patients are saying about usWe provide Chiropractic in conjunction with Physical Therapy, Acupuncture & Yoga Therapy.

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