Physical Therapy at All-ProHealth focuses on one on one care! We know pain will make the body compensate in many ways. Therefore our PT is meticulous about the way you do your exercises! Never turning their back on you while you exercise & attempt to correct a dysfunctional painful pattern on your own. Our rehabilitation plans are FUNCTIONAL, PRECISE & SIMPLE to follow.

At All-ProHealth we use various assessment tools. Some are the SFMA and the Functional Movement Screen. These screens help direct our treatment and provide resolution of the underlying problem that caused the injury.

At All-ProHealth we use Graston Instruments along with Active Release Techniques to address the soft tissue injury and dysfunction. Game ready, ML830 Cold Laser, Normatec, & Functional taping all aid in the most thorough and speedy recovery possible!

Integration of care at All-ProHealth is crucial to the amazing success rate of our patients. See what our patients are saying about us. We provide Physical Therapy in conjunction with Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture & Yoga Therapy.

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