ARP WAVE—ARPnuero Wave

I am pleased to announce that my practice is now offering a unique treatment option ARPwave, ARPneuro Therapy.  ARPneuro is used to address acute and chronic pain, speed up recovery from injuries, surgery, and concussions.

ARPneuro Therapy sessions use an FDA-cleared neuromuscular electrical stim device that is unlike any other. The patented design of the wave + the patented treatment protocols pinpoint and clear neurological inefficiencies that are interfering with the brain-muscle communication pathway that occurs when your body is injured.  When the tissue suffers an injury or you undergo surgery this communication pathway is interrupted, compensatory patterns develop and muscles are not able to absorb force properly. This slows down recovery and makes you more susceptible to reinjury.

Functional movement is the focus during the activity-based ARPneuro Therapy treatment sessions. The first step of treatment is to locate the neurological inefficiency using the Search Protocol. These inefficiencies are most often located at a different location on the body than where the symptom of pain is felt. ARPneuro Therapy focuses on repairing the communication breakdown and not just masking the symptom of pain temporarily. It is at the site of the communication breakdown where the treatment occurs. The innovative technology safely impacts change deep within the muscle fiber allowing for proper movement. The device contracts the muscle at 500 times per second developing strength and increasing healing blood flow to speed up the recovery process. In fact, patient outcomes data shows that individuals who go through ARPneuro Therapy recover 60% to 80% faster than using traditional rehab alone.

Elite, Amateur and Professional athletes have trusted ARPneuro Therapy to return to their field of play faster and stronger come to allprohealth and experience it for yourself!